Towards the disappearance of administrative constraints

In France

Since 2014, permit applications from the project manager are no longer required if the geothermal probes do not go down more than 200 metres. On the other hand, the contractor is obliged to make a report on his work in order to expand scientific knowledge.

In Belgium

The Brussels region has decided to encourage sustainable, renewable energy in the city and has removed existing administrative barriers. For closed geothermal systems, it is not necessary to obtain a permit in order to start up a geothermal work site.

Since 1 January 2015, the project manager no longer has to apply for a permit provided that the probes do not exceed the depth determined by local administration. This depth is determined depending on the drinking water tables and is available on the Flemish administration website dedicated to this subject.

Walloon region
The Walloon region still requires a single class II permit for geothermal drilling. The maximum length of time taken to obtain the permit is 110 days with the possibility of a 30 day increase by the delegated official.
GEO-GREEN can assist you with this administrative procedure.

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