Knowledge and know-how

GEO-GREEN is a company formed as the result of a passion, that of a man who became aware, at the beginning of the 2000s, of the potential that geothermal energy has as a renewable energy. Since then, GEO-GREEN has become one of the leaders of the Belgian market.

The origins of GEO-GREEN

Geo-Green is an SPRL company founded in 2011 by Jacques Vercruysse.

A geologist and hydrogeologist by training, Jacques has over 20 years' experience in environmental matters such as the decontamination of polluted soil, sludge treatment and recycling, creation of water wells etc.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Jacques wanted to install a geothermal heating system in his own home. Attracted and, above all, convinced that this form of renewable energy was one of the energy keys of the future, he chose to expand his knowledge in the field by taking a higher education course in geothermal energy in Neuchâtel (Switzerland). Having specialised in the installation of heat pumps since the 1970s, the Swiss are, in effect, the major specialists in geothermal energy.

Since 2011, Geo-Green SPRL has been offering services in its various fields of expertise: installation of geothermal systems, decontamination of polluted soil, emptying of tanks and installation of water wells.


Ongoing research

With regard to geothermal energy, Geo-Green today has more than 12,000 metres of geothermal probes installed and a qualified team which takes into account

  • the geological and hydrogeological situation of your building,
  • the space available and
  • the administrative rules of your region in order that you can take full advantage of a green, renewable, sustainable and, above all, permanent green energy.

Geo-Green is also undergoing a process of continuous improvement. This improvement is achieved by involvement in two research projects:

  • On the economic front, Geo-Green is taking part in a European Commission research programme for the purpose of reducing the installation costs of geothermal systems.
  • On the environmental front, Geo-Green is piloting and taking part in a research programme in the Walloon region for the wider use of pure water (instead of glycol water) in geothermal systems.


Innovation awards

Geo-Green has received several prizes as a specialist in closed geothermal systems for heating and cooling buildings.

The Innovation Prize in Mons
In 2012, GEO-GREEN received the Innovation Prize in Mons for its stainless steel geothermal probes, more efficient because the metal conducts heat, whilst traditional PEHD plastic probes are by nature insulators. The TRT (Thermal Response Test) measurements indicate an efficiency of 10 to 30% higher, depending on the geological context.

The Innovation Prize of the Construction Confederation in Batibouw
In 2014, GEO-GREEN received, in Batibouw, the Innovation Prize awarded by the Construction Confederation and the CSTC (Centre Scientifique et Technique de la Construction) [Scientific and Technical Centre for Construction], for the sloping placement of stainless steel probes. This new placement technique consists of placing several probes in a sloping fashion over a reduced area, which results in very practical space savings, particularly in towns.


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